Commercial Real Estate Investing in Phoenix, AZ

Investing in commercial property has always been considered to be a good investment. That's why Certainty REI offers clients a diversified Real Estate Investment portfolio that includes apartment development and commercial real estate investing.

Real estate properties are known to increase in value over time. For investors, this is a golden opportunity to build and generate legacy wealth and generational savings for family members.

Why Invest With Us

At Certainty REI, we have years of combined industry experience and expertise. We understand the markets ebb and flow and know how to navigate this industry to produce outstanding results for our investors. We focus on several factors when we select Commercial Real Estate for investment consideration:


We know how important the right location for a business can be in determining its success. That's why we only source properties in trending and emerging markets. We consider factors such as the proximity to freeways, transport hubs, and warehouses and consider tax-exempt areas when sourcing commercial properties to invest in. We consider the mid to long-term view of how the area is expected to develop and evolve over the planned investment period.


We consider the valuation of commercial real estate as this plays a critical role in investment analysis, taxation, listing price, and property insurance. We consider the potential for income flow and recent sales of similar properties with similar characteristics. 

Investment Purpose and Horizon

We carefully evaluate the investment purpose to determine the financial outcome for our investors and us. This allows us to determine the cash flow during the management of the commercial property and the financial position after the sale of the property. Strategies we consider:

  • Buy and sell - short term
  • Buy and sell - long term
  • Buy and lease

Profit Opportunities and Expected Cash Flow

We always strive for a good return on investment (ROI) when we consider commercial property for investment. We develop models to determine the expected cash flow from rental and the increase in the intrinsic value of the property over an extended period as the property value appreciates or is expected to appreciate.

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