When It Comes to Investing, It’s Best To Be Certain

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Multifamily Real Estate Investment Firm in Phoenix, AZ

We are a Multifamily Real Estate Investment Firm located in Phoenix, AZ. Certainty REI generates passive income for our investors through the acquisition, development, and operation of Multifamily Real Estate. The properties we choose to invest in are in trending and emerging markets. Alternatively, we build Multifamily Real Estate from the ground up and specialize in commercial real estate acquisition. Our Real Estate Portfolio ranges from apartment buildings and townhouses to storage facilities.

As a Commercial Real Estate Investment Company, we strive to provide investors with an alternative to stock market investing. Real Estate Investment tends to offer more security than the traditional stock market. That's because real estate values increase with proper care and maintenance. What that means for you as an investor is that the value of your investment may increase over time.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team of real estate professionals offer their expertise to help in ground-up development of apartments. With each project, we ensure that the properties will be a clean and safe space for the occupants.

Mutually Beneficial Projects

We believe that real estate revolves around profits, people, and places so we utilize various tools to ensure that each project is a win for the manager, investors, and tenants.

Using a careful acquisition approach, implementation of systems, focused growth strategy, and attention to construction and property management, our team can help you produce well-built properties.

Is Multifamily Real Estate the Right Investment for You?

Real Estate Investment is ideal for candidates who want to invest in multifamily properties and earn a passive income but don't necessarily want to get involved in day-to-day property management due to their busy lifestyle or lack of knowledge in the industry. It is also ideal for candidates who want to enjoy the benefits of investing in an apartment complex but don't necessarily have the knowledge or sufficient capital to purchase it on their own.


Why Multifamily Real Estate Investing Is the Better Option

As an investor in Multifamily Real Estate, you will have the opprotunity to receive the same tax benefits.
There is more stability and security in Real Estate Investment.
This type of investment offers natural inflation hedging.
The opportunity to earn a passive income monthly.

The Process

Our process starts with our acquisition team, who identifies a potential property for acquisition and investment. The team gets to work by evaluating the property's financials and physical structure. We measure the outcome of the evaluation against a qualifying metric. If the property meets the metric requirements, it is identified as a possible investment opportunity, and the acquisition team will make an offer to purchase. 

When the purchase is approved, our due diligence team will work on the next step in the process. The due diligence team must analyze and overview every part of the process and go over it with a fine tooth comb. The due diligence team will draw up a budget and audit the investment to determine if it is good.

The final step in the process is asset management — the key to the success of the investment. Our team draws up an operational plan for the investment to ensure that it is and remains a healthy investment that benefits both the community and the investors. Two factors ensure the success of the investment: sound financial management and solid management of the investment. 

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